Uber Eats Driver Tips and Tricks

Hey, it’s Patrick I hope you’re having a great day in this post we’re gonna go over four uber eats driver tips and tricks for those of you who are driving. uber eats out there this article is obviously for you guys. I’m just gonna share some tips and tricks that have helped me in my experience with uber eats the reason. I create these videos about uber eats and driving and eBay and making money is because these things have helped me so much in my life you know just getting through life you know generating income and I feel like it’s very important for me to share this with you guys. because it might help some of you in your lives so anyways number one tip from uber eats in my experience just to start off the video I’ll say I am officially at one year of driving I’ve done about a thousand trips on uber eats and I’ve actually done a little grub hub to the past few weeks and I have an about. I think I have one video on that right now you can check that output in the description. I have some more grub hub videos coming soon as well as some more uber eats videos. so make sure you’re subscribed for those but anyways onto the video tip number one is to start from your house if you can it depends. if you are inside the zone based on your city based on your driving area you know you have a zone for uber eats it’s like basically there are boundaries in the city to where you can have uber eats free delivery code 2019.

So number one is if you can go online from your house now the reason that this is the number one tip is that if it’s a slow day you. it’s it sucks really bad. I’ve done it before to drive out into the city you know even drive around looking for orders you know you’re pretty much fishing for orders. You can go to the hot spots which I’ll get to in a second you know finding the best spots in your city to just park your car while you’re waiting for orders. but it can be very annoying to drive around on a slow day and not get any orders so if you start from your house. you can just be doing other things you can be doing something else productive or just hanging out watching.

TV whatever you wanna do you can just sit down and pull your phone out pull out overeats make sure your sound is on of course and go online and just hang out at your house and I do this a lot with GrubHub as well because like I said you know if it’s a slow day. I mean if it’s a slow day then you know you can just do something productive at least or something at home while you’re waiting for one order and on the other hand. if it’s a facet you go online from home and you get an order usually it’s within a couple of minutes because of most of the time. when I go online for my house I get an order within a couple of minutes anyway and I’m not in a super busy area of my town but I’m you know. I’m a few minutes north but definitely going online from your house is super easy if you cannot go online from your house for any reason. if you know you’re too far outside the boundaries then the next tip number two is to find the best spots in your city to to park your car to hang out.

What you’re waiting for an order so if you’re in the city and you’re out and about driving around and you know you’re in between orders you just drop one off and you haven’t got one yet which does happen sometimes. Usually, you’re continuously just boom before you even drop off the previous order you’re getting another one already so it’s like boom boom boom one after another usually on a busy day but sometimes. it’s slow of course you know that’s just how it is so sometimes you’re gonna want to park in the hot spots. I like to call them the hot spots of the city now this is really just based on wherever the restaurants are and you can figure this out yourself you know just from driving around you know feeling it out or if you want to get really technical about it. what you can do is basically on the customer side on the consumer side of the uber eats app go on there download that app if you don’t have that doober eats app for ordering food look at what restaurants are available on there. And what I did a long time ago when you can try this if you want to you literally find each restaurant just print out a little map with your city or something and then find each restaurant. and then put a little dot where it is and then once you have mapped all the restaurants you can see which areas are the best to hang out around like.

If there’s a big parking lot, for example, like right now I’m in a parking lot right now which is I got McDonald’s. Right here you know I got Sherry’s down the road I got pita pit right here I got a bunch of restaurants all around me and you’re gonna have this particular spots in your city as well if you’re not in Vancouver Washington like me there’s gonna be particular spots. where you know there’s a lot of restaurants or there’s a lot of orders and you know you can just figure that out and like. I said if you can’t start at your house then drive to one of these areas and start from there and also wait here in between orders as well so just finding the best spots in your city that’s that’s the number two tip you know finding the best spots to drive to wait and just kind of hang out while you’re waiting for orders like. I said so so that’s number two now number three is to get a feel for the wait times now this is going to be specific to each restaurant but you know if you get an order and you’re around the corner from the McDonald’s you know or something like that or from sharri’s or somewhere they have to cook the food you know it’s kind of common sense if you’re doing fast food or if you’re doing like a dine in like restaurant.

if you get the order within one minute don’t go inside right away because you’re just gonna be sitting in the restaurant waiting for a half an hour and that’s it kind of sucks honestly. like I mean some I’m sure some people don’t care but I like to hang out in my car rather than hang out inside the restaurant. you know I have a lot of things to do on my phone we know regardless of where I’m at but you know work wise and things like that but you know it just kind of sucks sitting in the restaurant for half an hour or 45 minutes sometimes. you know especially when it’s busy and loud in there and you know there are kids screaming and stuff to get a feel for the wait times for short you know certain places you can go through the drive-thru you know like McDonald’s and stuff like that but a lot of places don’t allow that for the cooper drivers to go through the drive-thru so just get a feel for the wait time it’s like I said it depends on the restaurant. if you’re at a McDonald’s just hop in the drive-through right away you know worst case they’ll Park you and you have to just wait in your car anyways so that kind of stuff you just go straight for it but like I said if you get it like Sherry’s order or something.

where you know they have to cook the whole meal especially if it’s a big order to pay attention to that you know you can kind of wait in the car for like 10 20 minutes. sometimes and then go inside and then you probably might have to wait or tables so that’s just another thing you know that’s helped me out helped the experience so definitely getting a feel for wait times is going to help you out a big amount and the last tip number four for today is on maximizing. your tips because with uber eat how the tip system works is they’ll order their food just pay the regular amount and then you will go drop it off to them and they have the option to hand you cash at the door for a tip which does not happen all the time or after you leave after you drop off the order on the uber eats app. or they ordered the food you know typically right away or within 30 minutes they’ll get a notification saying oh hey would you like to leave the tip for your driver whatever your name is so they have the option to leave you a tip. on the app which might show up later or tip you at the door so those are the options so it’s not always right away and they’re gonna you’re going to deliver the food to the first of course before they tip you so how can you maximize your tips right well I mean there’s a few common-sense things just obviously being friendly being on time first of all I mean it’s not like time like exact times but you get what I mean you know if you take super long for a little order you know I mean it just drives there quickly pick up the order efficiently.

you know that’s going to help you obviously that’s pretty much expected from everyone don’t be super late you know to keep everything clean. as well people like to see that their food is coming from somewhere that’s clean you know have your car cleaned up don’t have it super messy super cluttery you know super covered in mud and stuff like that you know just general thing just be presentable as well as your what you’re wearing you know I’m pretty casual like. I just wear what the same stuff I wear every day you know where some vans where. I wear shorts whatever if it’s really hot you know I just delivered and tank tops and shorts before in the summertime. like it doesn’t matter all that much but you get. what I mean just dress somewhat you know professional. it’s not a huge big deal but people say it makes a difference. you know and to some people, it will obviously just be friendly and smile and you know be like oh hey how’s it going. you know to use the cost music use their name as well you know you say hey I got an order for whoever people like to hear their names.

it’s a kind of a sales thing that I learned a long time ago but yeah just being friendly and all that stuff and then one last thing which can help you a lot is to get an insulated bag. now this thing they’ll talk about this on the uber app when you’re signing up you know – they recommend you do it but it’s not required and for a long time. I was like screw that I’m not carrying around the huge bag they know that’s gonna be a hassle. you know what if the order doesn’t fit in the bag and the idea is just I just look like an idiot and I feel like a stupid. so I didn’t like the bag thing for a long time so I never used it up until a few weeks ago actually however one little thing is if you deliver their food in an insulated bag then it’s gonna be super hot right when it gets there so these bags will keep. it either a super hot or super cold pretty much so you know like I said for a long time I was like no that’s he gonna be a pain it’s gonna be a household carrier in that huge bag yard. you know whatever it’s easier just to get the food and just you know carry it you know even if there’s like six bags. but I realize that was very wrong because since I’ve been using this bag it’s really easy to hit Manage. it actually makes a food easier to carry because if you have like four bags of food you can just put them all in there and you’re just carrying one big bag so it’s really easy to do so carrying that insulated bag is going to help you a lot.

I actually use these GrubHub ones that I got from GrubHub I sleep for free but you can get beat you can get an insulated bag online off the store. whatever pretty cheap so it’s definitely worth it if you’re just doing cooler like I said GrubHub will provide you with bags and I have more videos coming soon about that but if you deliver their food in an insulated bag and one little extra secret is when you’re taking the food out of that insulated bag. you be like oh hey I got the order for so and so here you go you know how’s it going you know to ask some other day is be friendly whatever and as you’re delivering. if you’re like alright I got it in the insulated bag for you nice and hot here and usually pull it out and the steams coming off of this still so just so this that little thing that short experience from you getting to the house delivering the food is your one interaction with the customer so obviously you know some people are you know predetermined. I’m not going to tip it all or I’m gonna tip 5 bucks regardless of who you are how the experience went but these are that’s just a little thing you can take advantage of in order to maximize how much tips you get on it greets so this is it this has been for uber each driver tips and tricks. I hope these help you guys out there are definitely things that have helped me out and things. that I have discovered and learned and developed over the past year of driving uber eats almost about a thousand trips like I said so I hope these help you out guys if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe got plenty more coming soon any videos on uber eats making money personal growth health happiness anything of value. I can share with you I’m going to share it let me know in the comments if any of these tips have ever helped you in the past or if you’re interested in driving or whatever else don’t forget to check out the description. I got a GrubHub video I’ll put a cover go to put a couple of other goober videos in there as well don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as well and check out my pattern page. I really really appreciate that thank you so much for your time guys have incredible have an incredible day peace out you.

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