How to Play the National Lottery in Thailand

The lottery in Thailand happens two times every month. It happens toward the start of consistently (regularly the first) and again around about fourteen days after the fact (for the most part the sixteenth). It happens at 3 pm where the lottery coordinators sort out a TV program that keeps going an hour will the numbers being drawn toward the finish of the show (for the most part by 4 pm). One of the prizes incorporates the triumphant number of the last three digits drawn. In this way, for instance on the off chance that the numbers drawn were 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 then the triumphant number would be 789.

The numbers go from 0 to 9. Those triumphant the last three digits winning the lottery will scoop 500 US Dollars for each dollar you stake. Should you get the three digits however not in the right arrangement (for instance you have 879) at that point you will scoop $100 for each dollar. A little prize of $60 can be won by choosing the right last two digits (in any request) so again if the numbers chose were 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and you have the number 89 in the last two digits coordinate lottery, you will win $60 for each dollar stake. You can likewise win $60 by playing two digits down; this is the place you need to coordinate the triumphant number in any succession, so 13 would win as would 67 and 89.

Thai Lottery Ticket in Bangkok

Thai Lottery Ticket

The Thai Lottery 3up tips result can be played online at and at first in the event that you need to play you have to enlist. The Thai National Lottery is well known crosswise over Thailand as it is the main type of lawful betting permitted in the nation. A lottery ticket will slow down you 80 baht and each ticket has two areas. Each ticket has two sections and it is absurd to expect to buy one section. The normal method to acquire a ticket is to purchase from one of the many wandering lotto merchants who meander around selling tickets, a most loved spot is out the front of McDonald’s or in nearby markets.

At the point when the numbers are drawn on national TV in Thailand, there are huge spectators holding up with teased breath to check whether their numbers coordinate the top prize of two million baht. Indeed, even the second prize where you coordinate five numbers can yield a portion of the awesome prize of 100,000 baht. The coordinators of the National Lottery in Thailand have cautioned against some sham lottery associations selling tickets in Thailand, so it is essential to buy just from GLO (Government Lottery Office of Thailand) enrolled retail outlets. You can verify whether your numbers were drawn by getting to the site at on the off chance that you can peruse Thai the authority Gov lottery site here, the number is up to the top on the right.

Interesting Facts about the Thai Lottery

A couple of progressively Thai Lottery Tips. Aside from these prizes, there are a few rewards. Individuals who match 6 digits and the unit numbers drawn will finish up getting a reward of 30,000 Baht. Coordinating the 6 digits and one unit number will create a reward of 20,000 Baht.

Prizes must be asserted inside 2 years of the illustration date. There’s a neighbourhood 0.5 per cent charge that applies to the majority of the prizes.

Intriguing Facts about the Thai Lottery

1. Thai Lottery tickets come two by two of 2. Every one of the tickets includes a top and a base part. While it’s conceivable to get only one, purchasing the two pieces of the ticket will twofold your opportunity of winning a prize.

2. The historical backdrop of lotteries in Thailand goes back to 1874. Lord Rama V was the first to concede the Royal Bodyguard Department with the privilege to work a celebratory lottery denoting his birthday. The first since forever lottery attracting Thailand occurred in the Grand Palace and it pursued a European lottery framework. Lord Rama V is viewed as the organizer of lotteries in Thailand.

3. The Thailand National Lottery is one of the two types of sanctioned betting in the nation. The main other admissible alternative is pony hustling wagers in Bangkok.

4. The national lottery is very well known in the nation. There are 19.2 million local people and numerous worldwide players inspired by Thai Lottery. Nearby players spend roughly 76 billion Baht ($2.3 billion) on the buy of lottery tickets in 2014.

5. Thai individuals have very unconventional methods for picking their lottery numbers. There are many superstitions encompassing such diversions. The numbers must be symbolical rather than picked haphazardly. Thai individuals can get lottery numbers from their fantasies, abnormal markings they see in regular daily existence, number of things that they run over (for instance, the number of organic products on a tree) or apportioning numbers to occasions and things (water symbolizes the number 2, eminence – 9, rodents – 1, and so on.).

Most recent Results

Most recent Thai Lottery Results

The Thai Lottery draws occur on:

The first of every month

The sixteenth of every month

Ticket deals close in a matter of seconds before this hour on the times of the illustration.

How It Works

Our operators will buy your ticket while you sit back, unwind and pick your fortunate numbers. When that is done, we will send you a message with your numbers and will tell you the amount you won!

No traps, no concealed charges – rewards will be guaranteed for your benefit and right away credited to your 24Lottos record. On the off chance that you win the big stake or another critical sum, we’ll be in charge of reaching you and making the game plans for you to get your rewards.

The most effective method to Play Thai Lottery

To play the Thai Lottery, you’ll have to do the accompanying:

Select a numerical blend comprising of 6 digits

To win the big stake, you’ll need to coordinate the majority of the 6 digits drawn.

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